Apple iPhone 3

The iPhone 3 and iPhone 3GS are two fantastic devices that gave a great leap to mobile phones.

IPHONE 3 and IPHONE 3GS were discontinued by Apple this september, with the iPhone 5S and 5C launch. Now you can find them at online shopping sites,

iPhone 3 features and news

iPhone 3GS Review

iPhone 3GS Review

  Why many people loved the iPhone 3GS? Well, there are some good reasons. However, 3GS looks like a copy of the iPhone 3G, at least externally. In this iPhone 3GS review you will find that inside actually are some really good changes, such as a beefed-up CPU, internal compass, larger ... Read More »

iPhone 3GS Specs and Features

iPhone 3GS Features

  iPhone 3GS Features Basically, iPhone 3GS is so much alike with the standard iPhone 3G. The most significant change that you will realize is the Speed. Now, you might be wondering why the phone is called iPhone 3G S. The ‘S’ means speed. So, this phone is all about speed. ... Read More »

iPhone 3 G Review

iPhone 3G review

This great and complete iPhone 3 G review describes the whole device and some of its most important features, suche as the 3rd party application support and App Store, making the iPhone 3 G a viable computing platform. And its 3G network compatibility finally made the iPhone welcome all over the world. ... Read More »

iPhone 3G Specs and Features

iPhone 3 G

iPhone 3G Features iPhone 3G was very important on the Apple iPhone history. With it, Apple aims to get a hold in the market as it provides functions like 3rd party application support, and application store. This makes the iPhone a computing arena. What was stunning about the iPhone 3G ... Read More »

iPhone 3G vs iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3G vs iPhone 3GS

  If you wonder about the difference between iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, keep reading. Which phone made the biggest impact at launch? iPhone 3G The IPHONE 3G was announced in Paris during the developer conference which took place in June of 2008. It’s the second version of the popular ... Read More »

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